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Custom and Build to Print

MSK Products produces a wide variety of custom hybrids and multichip modules (MCM’s) utilizing our expertise in high performance analog, mixed signal, RF and power electronics circuit design, computer aided design tools and a variety of processes, materials and assembly techniques.

Multilayer thick-film, co-fired ceramic (LTCC and HTCC), thin film and chip-on-board techniques are all used to offer the ideal combination of performance, reliability, cost and size to suit just about any application.  

MSK Products designs, manufactures and tests circuits up to Ka band frequencies.

For power, MSK Products has developed the unique combination of technical proficiencies required to successfully design and produce power hybrid microcircuits and high power modules.  Power hybrid design requires expertise in analog, digital and power semiconductor circuit design. Dealing effectively with high current, high voltage, high power and heat dissipation along with small signal, high frequency integrated circuits for control offers a disparate set of challenges.

MSK Products utilizes a combination of direct bond copper or actively brazed copper on ceramic (alumina, BeO, SiN or AlN) for power semiconductor substrates and multilayer thick film on ceramic for the small signal control substrates. Direct bond copper and active brazed copper offer extremely low conductor impedances and superb thermal conductivity for superior performance, efficiency and reliability. Combined with high thermal conductivity packages and base plates in a wide variety of configurations,

MSK Products can provide high performance, high reliability power modules and power hybrids for use in motor control, actuators, power supplies, inverters, switches and other power control applications. To date, we have successfully designed and manufactured power modules up with up to 1200 amps of output current capability and rated to 1700 volts, all with the robustness to reliably operate in aerospace environments.

MSK Products is certified and qualified to MIL PRF 38534 for both Class H (military) and Class K (space) microelectronics and is one of the leading suppliers of microcircuits to the aerospace, space and defense market.

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