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Since 1971, MSK Products has offered some of the highest performance amplifiers and operational amplifier products on the market. Our op amps cover a wide range of performance; output voltages up to 180V, output current up to 15A, high unity gain bandwidth and slew rates of up to 6,000 volts...

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MSK Products offers Bridge selections to cover both low and high power applications. With voltages from 55 to 1200V and current ratings from 5 to 800A, chances are

MSK Products has a bridge module to meet your needs. Our low inductance and robust mechanical design are ideal for high-...

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Bridges with Gate Drive

MSK Products offers Bridge selections to cover both low voltage and high voltage areas, and our bridge with gate drive offerings make control interfacing a snap. With gate drive circuitry internally incorporated, ease of use means direct interfacing to control logic. Our low voltage bridges...

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Custom and Build to Print

MSK Products produces a wide variety of custom hybrids and multichip modules (MCM’s) utilizing our expertise in high performance analog, mixed signal, RF and power electronics circuit design, computer aided design tools and a variety of processes, materials and assembly techniques.


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DC-DC Converters & EMI Filters

MSK Products isolated DC-DC Converters are hermetic, high reliability devices aimed primarily at Military, Aerospace and other severe environment applications. They operate and are specified from -55° C to 125° C operating case temperature range.

MSK Products uses...

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Discontinued Products

The following devices have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase. The product data sheets are provided below for reference. If additional details regarding a specific part number are required, please contact the factory.

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High Temp Products

MSK Products has been a MIL-PRF-38534 Class H & K certified supplier since 1997 reaching 125° C temperatures on a regular basis.

In 2001 MSK Products pushed the operating temperature of its multichip modules to 175° C.  

In 2013 MSK Products began the next generation of high...

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Linear Regulators

MSK Products has been engineering high performance and durable adjustable and precision fixed linear voltage regulators since 1985. Our linear regulator products cover a wide variety of applications from high current, efficient low...

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Motor Controllers

MSK Products has a wide range of motor controllers to suit most servo control and speed control applications. We have a wide range of 3 phase brushless DC motor controllers for controlling the current loop of a servo application. Our current mode controllers (...

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Power PEMs

After investing years in research and development, MSK Products has become one of the preeminent suppliers of high power encapsulated modules for use in harsh or extreme environments. Most models utilize light-weight, high strength Aluminum Silicon Carbide (AlSiC...

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PWM Amplifiers

MSK Products offers a selection of PWM class D amplifiers ideal for DC brushed motor control and audio amplification. Features offered can include self-contained low side/high side drive circuitry for ease of use. Internal PWM generation with shoot-through protection...

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Rad Hard Products

MSK Products has been a Class K MIL-PRF-38534 certified supplier since 1997. A significant part of our business is supplying radiation-hardened products to the most demanding customers in the industry. We are now a major supplier of both custom and standard...

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Standard Military Drawings

A large number of MSK Products can be procured to a DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD). Most of our amplifiers and many of our voltage regulators are currently available to an SMD and we are constantly adding to that list of...

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Switching Regulators

MSK Products has created the first hermetic, high-reliability (hi-rel) switching regulators product line for Point of Load (POL) applications. MSK Products switching regulator product line includes radiation hardened (Rad Hard), military...

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