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Our Company

The M.S. Kennedy Corporation (MSK) manufactures hybrids to DSCC (Defense Supply Center, Columbus) Standard Military Drawings (SMD). MSK also offers a standard product line of operational and video amplifiers, motor drives, power modules, linear and switching voltage regulators and DC/DC converters; and are a leading producer of custom analog/mixed signal hybrids, power hybrids and multi-chip modules.MSK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Anaren Inc. and we are located in East Syracuse, NY.  Our facility is located minutes from the Syracuse airport as well as Interstates 90 and 81 so visits to MSK are convenient – visitors are welcome and tours of the facility can be arranged with a little notice.

Please note MSK is an ITAR restricted facility due to the nature of the products we design and manufacture so access to some portions of the facility may be restricted for non-US persons.

MSK currently employs approximately 170 people dedicated to the design and production of high performance electronics for industrial, aerospace, space and defense applications.

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